Solar Eclipse of February 26, 1998

In February 1998, LaVonna and I witnessed a total solar eclipse from the deck of a cruise ship in the southern Caribbean Sea. These are some photos that I took during totality. All were taken on Kodak Gold 400 film. You can see a photo of my rig in action shortly before totality, along with a description of the equipment used.

The first picture is during the "diamond ring" phase, when there is just a tiny point of sunlight sneaking around the moon. Due to the length of the exposure, the diamond ring effect is not very pronounced. The next three are shortly after second contact, when the sun's disk was completely covered. Each picture was a longer exposure than the one before it.

Each picture is a link - follow it to look at a larger version of the picture (the larger images are around 41KB each).

If you're interested in more than pictures, read my details of eclipse day.

[Diamond Ring] [Small Corona] [Medium Corona] [Large Corona]

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